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The Internet has completely revolutionised the way businesses market themselves. In today’s world, not having an online presence is a mistake you cannot afford. The process of getting your business ranking high on search engines and improving overall online visibility is known as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). SEO is one of the most effective and affordable ways to make your brand discoverable in the digital world.

At NGITC, we specialise in developing personalised SEO campaigns for businesses. Being a reputable SEO agency in Brisbane, we offer the best of expert techniques and the latest tools to our clients. Let us help you make the most of your online presence to meet your business goals.

SEO is not a one-time commitment. It is a continuous process that requires constant time and attention. Understandably, you may not have the skills or time to keep up with SEO. That’s where we come in. With several years of experience under our belt, we deliver efficient SEO services and promising results. Even if you have just established your business, we can get SEO started from the get-go.

Unfortunately, SEO is not straightforward. And it becomes even more complicated when search engine algorithms are constantly evolving. NGITC is happy to take over. In addition to a talented team, we also have access to the latest SEO tools. From conducting in-depth keyword research to evaluating competitor websites, we have what it takes to achieve SEO success for your brand.

Whether you have just set up your practice or your business has been around for a while, you can trust us to create effective SEO campaigns. We have worked with clients from all kinds of industries. Since no two businesses are the same, we don’t offer cookie-cutter services. Rather, our team meticulously develops SEO strategies tailored to your specific business goals.

Search Engine Optimisation is here to stay. If you want to drive traffic to your website and attract your target audience, it’s imperative to work with a specialist SEO agency. Regardless of how seamlessly your website operates, it won’t amount to much without traffic. Our SEO services will help your business reach top rankings on search engines and drive traffic to your website. Even if you don’t have the first clue about SEO, we are happy to guide you through our process. As a professional SEO agency, we aim to make SEO as easy as possible for you.

NGITC has a comprehensive SEO process. From conducting a detailed website audit to doing keyword research, we expertly execute every step to deliver measurable results. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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Grow Faster with Search Engine Optimisation

Designing a beautiful website isn’t of much use if you don’t have any visitors. No matter how visually appealing or innovative your website is, it needs to generate traffic to be beneficial. In the current digital era, your online presence is a valuable currency you cannot underestimate. You must take measures to improve your website’s online visibility and ensure it is showing up on relevant search results. And these goals won’t be possible without SEO.

Are you on the fence about investing in SEO services? Search Engine Optimisation offers a number of benefits for your business. Firstly, NGITC leverages SEO best practices to boost your website’s organic traffic. We incorporate consumer-centric and hyper-targeted strategies to deliver long-term results for your brand.

In comparison to other digital marketing tools, SEO promises impressive ROI. Even though SEO takes time to show results, it is an effective strategy worth your time and resources. NGITC also aims to establish your brand as a credible source in the industry. Moreover, there is no expiration date for SEO efforts. The campaigns work 24/7 to generate traffic and promote your brand.

So can a business manage SEO on its own? Possibly. But is it the best use of your time and resources? No. Search Engine Optimisation is a long-term process that requires hours and hours of research. You would have to dedicate a lot of time and energy to keep up with various SEO requirements. Additionally, your business will also have to spend on necessary SEO tools. The overall cost of hiring and maintaining an in-house team may not be justifiable.

Your business would be better off handing over SEO services to NGITC. Our team of professionals will handle your SEO services in Brisbane, thereby freeing up your time that you can invest in other important functions. Instead of giving divided attention to SEO, you can rest assured that a skilled team is completely focused on your SEO success.

Since Google and other search engines are frequently rolling out updates, you need to be on top of these changes. Rather than worrying about the implications of such updates, let us take care of it. Our expert will make sure that you are not losing important traffic. We monitor search engine algorithms, competitors and other factors to gain useful insights for your SEO campaigns. Let us develop a personalised SEO strategy and seamlessly integrate it with your current marketing strategy.

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That’s why NGITC is the best choice SEO Brisbane Company.

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We Specialise in Brisbane Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

Search Engine Optimisation is a complex and time-intensive process that takes years and years of expertise. With frequently changing search engine algorithms, you need NGITC on your team. We are experienced specialists in Brisbane offering Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services. SEO success requires effective and innovative strategies. You can rely on us to create SEO strategies that boost your website’s online visibility and generate more traffic. Our team of experts use the latest techniques and tools to seamlessly execute SEO campaigns.

Why Does Your Business Need an SEO Agency?

  • No matter which industry your business is in, the competition is fierce. When your competition already has an online presence, you cannot stay back and risk losing valuable target audiences. NGITC is an SEO agency that takes time to assess your needs and accordingly designs SEO campaigns. We aim to put your business on the map. Let our experts expand your digital footprint and help you stand toe to toe with your competitors.
  • The internet is full of advice and quick how-to’s when it comes to SEO. But SEO is not that straightforward. It’s an intricate process that requires an in-depth understanding of best practices, algorithms and tools. At NGITC, we have several years of SEO experience under our belt. Rather than spending your time and energy learning SEO, allow us to take over. We can quickly develop and execute SEO campaigns for your brand.
  • There’s no doubt that you can find a list of keywords with a simple Google search. However, SEO is much more than including keywords in your website. Every SEO successful strategy is based on hyper-specific keywords, location, content and so on. Doing this research is time-consuming and should be best left to our SEO specialists.
  • Your customers are out there searching the internet for the right products or services. That’s why SEO cannot be an afterthought. If you want to be found by relevant audiences, then allow NGITC to make your business discoverable online.

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Do you want to improve your local business’s online presence? In today’s digital world, you cannot just depend on face-to-face customer interactions to promote your business. NGITC implements SEO strategies that will boost your business’s visibility in local searches. Whether a person is looking for a plumber or ceramic plates, they are likely to search online for a suitable provider. This is your opportunity to show up on search results and win over new customers. Allow us to maximise the potential of SEO for your business.

If you want to expand your business country wise or worldwide, don’t underestimate the power of strategic SEO. We curate market-specific SEO strategies to boost your online presence on a wider scale. Tactics that have been successful on a local level may not produce the same results globally. We tailor SEO strategies to target relevant audiences. Contact us today.

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SEO Services in Brisbane

Word of mouth is no longer enough to promote your business. Whether you are a small or medium business owner, it’s time to put your business on the map. Especially, if you have just launched your venture, you cannot waste time figuring out SEO instead of perfecting your brand. Partner with NGITC to establish your brand’s digital presence. We are a Brisbane-based SEO agency with strong knowledge and experience in all aspects of search engine optimisation. Let us do the heavy lifting to help you build an attractive brand image and reach a larger audience.

The digital world is rapidly shifting and you need a reliable team to keep up with these changes. Whether you have an e-commerce site or a personal blog, NGITC can help you attract a wider audience with well-planned SEO campaigns.

With our premium SEO services, you can count on scaling your brand’s online presence to bring in more customers. We develop SEO campaigns to optimise your website and secure a high ranking on major search engines. With a high ranking, your website will generate more traffic. And higher traffic will subsequently lead to an increase in conversions and revenue. Our SEO services are effective as well as competitively priced. Let us know your marketing budget and we will come up with a plan that works for your business.

Our team adheres to the highest standards of professionalism. If you have any queries, we are more than happy to provide you with solutions. Our personalised approach is what sets us apart from other agencies in Brisbane.

Developing SEO strategies is a long process that requires time and expertise. And NGITC promises both. We offer an all-encompassing service that covers every aspect of your SEO needs. NGITC is proud to offer high-quality SEO services at affordable rates.

Our talented team meticulously creates a unique SEO strategy for your business and seamlessly implements it. Time is of the essence in the digital world. You can entrust us with boosting your website’s traffic in a fast and efficient manner.

To begin with, we take a look at your current efforts and business goals. Learning your marketing objectives gives us important insights for developing an effective SEO strategy.

Next, we move on to keyword research. Our team does in-depth research to find long-tail and high potential keywords, which are the most relevant to your niche. At NGITC, we have access to high-end tools to streamline keyword research. We have a strategic approach that allows us to find keywords that will optimise your website.

NGITC delivers measurable results. When you’re working with us, you can expect detailed monthly reports outlining the progress of various SEO campaigns. We deliver what we promise. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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Our Process

The SEO landscape and search engine algorithms are constantly evolving. In order to design a relevant website, it’s imperative to invest in SEO services. At NGITC, we are pleased to offer SEO services tailored to your unique requirements and target audience. Rather than relying on old methods, our SEO experts are up-to-date with the latest changes and trends. We closely work with our clients to provide personalised services that meet your business goals. We have developed a successful SEO process based on proven strategies. Our SEO process is effective and promises measurable results. Check out our robust SEO process.

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Website Audit

During our initial consultation, we aim to understand your business, goals and expectations. To discover the current standing of your website, our SEO specialists start by conducting a website audit. This audit is focused on determining any problems with your website, which may be adversely impacting your online presence.

We use different tools to assess a range of factors. Usually, our website audit includes reviewing

  • Traffic
  • Functionality
  • Site Health
  • Website Performance
  • User Engagement
  • User Experience

This in-depth analysis factors in all your business data that’s affecting your online presence. Any discrepancies on your website can be the reason for Google Penalties. These penalties impact your website’s ranking on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). Our audit also finds out if your website is vulnerable to security breaches.


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Competitor Analysis

The next step is competitor analysis. Without competitor analysis, it would be difficult to make your website as good as the leaders in your industry. We conduct a thorough analysis to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your and your competitors’ websites. We then use the information generated to improve your website and also to capitalise on the competitors’ weaknesses.

Contrary to what you might have heard, SEO is not a shot in the dark. It is strategic, just like any other well-designed marketing tool. Looking at your competition helps us ascertain keywords that are already working.

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Keyword Analysis

Selecting the right keywords is a critical part of our SEO strategy. Our specialists use various tools to find suitable keywords for your website. Usually, we measure keywords on the basis of search volume and level of competition. We are focused on selecting keywords that will generate profitable traffic for your website. But at the same time, we don’t want heavily competitive keywords that are oversaturated.

On-Site Optimisation

Using the insights generated by previous steps, our team carries our on-site optimisation. On-site SEO involves optimising your content as well as HTML source code. Doing this helps search engines to interpret your website easily. Moreover, on-site optimisation also helps your target audience easily find your website and the information they are looking for.

Not only do we insert all the relevant keywords, but we also ensure they are placed in the right places. We strictly adhere to the best practices and avoid measures such as keyword stuffing, which can lead to a search penalty.

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Link Building

Next, we move on to link building. Link building involves obtaining hyperlinks from other websites for your websites. This is another factor that plays a key role in making your web pages discoverable and ranks higher in SERPs. We also use link building in combination with other tools to drive organic traffic to your website.

Instead of using spammy link-building techniques, we focus on building high-quality links that ensure long-term success. We utilise various white hat techniques for link building, including:

  • Promoting High-Quality Content
  • Guest Posting
  • Nurturing Relationships with Authority Blogs
  • Online Directories and Listings
  • Guest Posting


At NGITC, we understand the importance of keeping our clients in the loop. That’s why we effectively track SEO measures so you can see the impact of our campaigns. We constantly monitor and analyse different SEO metrics to gain actionable insights.

You can rely on our team to keep you up to date with your campaign progress. We are happy to provide you with regular consultations and monthly reports. Our reports detail your website performance, site rankings, traffic and other KPIs.

We also adjust our SEO efforts based on the latest changes in algorithms and market trends. Our proactive approach enables us to ensure your website secures and maintains a high rank on SERPs.

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The 3 Core Pillars of Effective SEO

These days if a consumer is looking for a product or service, they are likely to do an internet search. Do you want your business to be a top result on search engine result pages? It’s imperative to have a well-rounded SEO strategy in place. Search engines algorithms are constantly evolving to provide users with a seamless experience.

The search engine algorithms are complex and ever-changing. At NGITC, we base our SEO success on three pillars: relevance, authority and user experience. Our experts keep up with major and minor algorithm updates to develop an effective SEO strategy for your business. We also strictly follow best practices to prevent your website from getting penalised.

Here are three important factors we focus on to improve your website’s rankings and attract visitors.

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1. Relevancy

Our specialists understand that just getting links to your website is not the only deciding factor for SERP rankings. Instead, it is a lot more valuable to get links that are relevant to your product or niche. The more relevant the link, the more it will impact the ranking.

Since Google no longer publishes PageRank, we use specialised tools to determine the metrics of a page. In a way, our experts reverse engineer the ranking process to figure out the relevancy of your website. Accordingly, we make the necessary changes to make your website more relevant to search engines and useful to target audiences.

Another way to make your website relevant to search engines is by including anchor texts. For that purpose, we include useful and suitable links to content. When valuable links are placed in relevant content, it further boosts your website’s relevancy and authority in the eyes of search engines. In addition to content, we also optimise other aspects of your website including headlines, meta descriptions, title tags and so on.

Our aim is to make your website reach the right audiences and show up in search results related to your industry.

2. Authority

When a user is looking for any information, they will seek a knowledgeable and reliable source. Similarly, if a consumer is searching for a particular product or service, they will likely ask people they trust for recommendations.

Thanks to the internet, users don’t have to go out of their way to find information or get recommendations. With a quick internet search, they can find virtually anything and everything in a fraction of a second. Search engines are dedicated to connecting users with authoritative sources addressing their questions and requirements. This highlights the importance of establishing your website as an authority

Are you wondering how search engines ascertain authority? Well, they consider hundreds of factors which can be broadly classified into two categories:

  • Content
  • Link

At NGITC, we undertake measures to make your website a credible source on search engines. Firstly, our experts curate high-quality content that’s useful to your target audience. And we make sure this content is optimised according to relevant keywords. Secondly, we ensure your website has sufficient links from trustworthy websites. You can entrust our experts to enhance your website’s overall visibility and strengthen SERP rankings.

3. User Experience

User experience refers to everything visitors perceive when interacting with your website. Our experts boost various aspects of your website to deliver a better user experience. Investing in user experience is just as important as creating relevant content and links.

There’s a lot depending on user experience. Specifically, we work to improve your website’s usability and accessibility. Since search engine algorithms are constantly assessing user experience, delivering a seamless experience is more important than ever. A user-focused website not only attracts visitors and increases conversion rates, but also makes your website more shareable.

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Why Choose NGITC?

NGITC is a reputable marketing agency ready to take your online presence to the next level. We are a dedicated team of SEO experts you can trust to curate a positive image for your business, boost rankings on search engine result pages and improve online visibility. Here’s why NGITC is the right choice for your business.

We Understand Your Objectives

At NGITC, we don’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions. After all, every business is so different. Then how can one shoe fit all? Our experts start by gaining a thorough understanding of your business. We want to know everything from your brand journey to business goals. Learning about your short-term and long-term objectives sets the foundation for our services. This initial consultation is important to ensure we are on the same page with our clients. We use this discussion to develop an SEO strategy that’s tailored to your unique needs.

Highly Experienced Team

SEO is tricky, especially keeping up with constantly changing search engine algorithms. Why let SEO take your focus from core business operations? Instead, allow NGITC to handle your brand’s SEO. You can rest assured that a highly experienced and qualified team is working on your online presence. Rather than time-consuming trial and error, our knowledgeable experts implement proven strategies. We use our expertise to curate SEO strategies that will boost your website’s online visibility and traffic.

Access to Cutting-Edge Tools

SEO success is not possible without the right tools. When you work with NGITC, your business gets access to the latest tools in addition to a talented SEO team. We leverage advanced tools to conduct keyword research, competitive link analysis and evaluating other SEO metrics. Having access to such tools saves your business the time and money to purchase and master these resources. We have what it takes to achieve SEO success for your business.

White-Hat SEO Techniques

Earlier, marketers could manipulate SEO using black-hat practices and get away with it. While such practices may secure a high ranking for your business, it’s not worth risking getting penalised by search engines. Success gained by black-hat practices is short-term and eventually leads to serious consequences.

That’s why NGITC strictly uses white-hat SEO techniques. You will never find us stuffing keywords, including irrelevant links or plagiarizing content. If your business has previously implemented black-hat techniques and suffered the repercussions, we can help you.

Efficient and Fast Services

The digital landscape is evolving every second. Surely, you can attempt SEO on your own. But do you have that kind of time on your hands? Let our team help your brand make the most of successful SEO tactics. You can expect us to give you a realistic deadline and stick to it. We are proud to deliver results on time.

Our team makes every effort to keep clients in the loop. In addition to a detailed report, we are happy to provide you with constant updates so you can easily track the progress of SEO campaigns.

Measurable Results

SEO results are not vague but actually measurable. At NGITC, we quantify our results to help clients track the progress of their SEO campaigns. When working with us, you will know which strategies are working best for your business.

Long-Term Results

Our team is not just focused on short-term wins. We implement measures and techniques that will ensure long-term results for your business. Our team works hard to secure top placements on SERPs for your business. Our long-term SEO services improve online visibility and in turn, attract customers and increase conversions.

Transparency & Honesty

NGITC is dedicated to providing our clients with transparent and honest services. Gaining the trust of our clients is our top priority. For that, we are proud to offer assistance at every step of the way. Whether you need to learn more about our SEO process or need an update about your strategy, we are here to help.

Competitive Pricing

At NGITC, we are pleased to offer our top-notch SEO services at highly competitive rates. We understand the importance of hard-earned money and we don’t expect our clients to overpay for any services. Whether you are a budding business or a medium-sized brand, we provide our services at reasonable costs. Considering our expertise, state-of-art tools and other resources, your business will benefit from our cost-effective services.

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The job of an SEO specialist is to identify the shortcomings in a website and take adequate steps to improve the rankings. SEO specialists use high-end tools to analyse the website and devise effective strategies that make your business stand out. Our experts at Nex Gen Agency can help you optimise your website. 

Yes. Investing in SEO ultimately results in better outcomes, and it can even exceed your expectations. A beautiful website won’t do you any good if it is not optimised. An SEO expert improves your website’s online visibility and ensures it is showing up on relevant search results by creating effective strategies.

Find an experienced SEO expert with the right skill set. He/She should have relevant knowledge about the digital marketing industry and be well-versed with the current SEO standards and best practices. Ask them about their previous projects, request for a portfolio and understand their SEO strategy to get the right person for the job.

An SEO expert performs website audits and identifies the weak points of the website. SEO specialists continuously monitor the website, do keyword research, optimise content and understand the analytics. They also keep track of Google updates to avoid any penalties. Speak with our experts at Nex Gen Agency and optimise your website.

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