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One of the biggest and most useful tools to market your business on the web, Google Adwords is loved by every marketer. With its highly rewarding and easy to use PPC system, Google Adwords makes life easier for businesses by helping them reach more of their prospects and hence driving in more conversions and sales.

But, is it that easy to sell using Google Adwords?

Search Engine Marketing Melbourne is one of the greatest ways of selling online. However, its right implementation can trouble marketers who are new to PPC. And then, the loss of money and time comes off as natural. Thankfully, there’s a better way out.

We at NGITC are a team of Search Engine Marketing Melbourne experts. So, we assure cutting-edge ad-copies with a laser-focus targeting to reach the most potent and rewarding prospects for your business’.

Google Adwords Melbourne will enable an instant flow of traffic to your website. This is targeted around keywords relating to your business and competitors to ensure “ready to buy” visitors are driven to your website. We work directly with google to maximise the benefits of your adwords campaign which means we drive highly qualified website traffic to your site.

Some of the straight-forward benefits of Search Engine Marketing Melbourne with NGITC are:

Search Engine

To start with, we discuss the budget with you and decide an amount
that you want your ad-campaigns to run within.


NGITC uses premium keyword research tools to come up with
fruitful keyword ideas that make the most out of the decided


Our creative team brainstorms for ideas for writing ad-copies that
persuade your prospects the best and hence boost conversions.


We assure a laser-focus targeting for all our PPC projects. This helps us reach your most rewarding prospects who are “ready to buy” or near those lines.

Start Selling More Now

Generating over 50% more lead conversions when compared to organic web traffic, PPC stays the number one choice for
businesses in 2019. The best you can do is bag on to this opportunity by getting in touch with us and start selling more now.

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Being the best SEM (Search Engine Marketing) agency in Melbourne, we put your brand forward in terms of Google ranking and against your competitors with a marketing strategy based on the best SEO techniques. From better sales numbers to excellent customer retention, we stand stall as the most trusted Adwords agency that believes in delivering business results you will notice instantly.

Our SEM strategies capitalise on the foundation of well-implemented SEO plans. We strive towards making your business a part of the subconscious mind of every consumer and client. Search Engine Marketing focuses on bringing more visibility to your website. It drives paid traffic to improve your brand visibility and leave a lasting impression on your targeted consumers’ minds. We establish a stronger digital marketing campaign with better results and performance with SEM.

Noticeable results are the main object of every SEM campaign. This would be apparent in every area of your business with a foolproof online marketing strategy. Its objectives are beyond making your website rank in the top spots of SERPs. It is about bringing interested visitors to your website and creating a customer journey while prioritising business objectives. It provides quick results and impacts your business in every way.

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Every business has different requirements and a distinct targeted audience. We offer a well-curated and personalised marketing SEM campaign that focuses on bringing more visibility to your business, resulting in increased traffic, improved conversion, better Google rankings, and enhanced customer journey. Search Engine Marking in Melbourne has the potential for acquiring new customers and reaching a broader audience of targeted customers. Every business requires a unique approach for its unique business idea. Hence, customised SEM services are essential. You also need a tailored search engine marketing campaign that can yield better results, turn your business around, and transform it into your dream venture.

Every entrepreneur and business strives for the attention of its audience. To do that, a business needs to stand out among its competitors, and only a customised SEM marketing campaign can do this. Our team continuously work towards creating a Search Engine Marketing campaign that focuses on bringing your brand to the front. It is tailored to your business needs while considering what your audience wants to see and will perceive. If your website is not driving the desired traffic, despite putting a lot of effort into your SEO strategies, you need to add an SEM campaign to give that much-needed boost.

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Search engine marketing is a broad topic that involves understanding different aspects of online marketing and search engine algorithms. Hiring an SEO or SEM specialist is required. You need a full-fledged team of digital marketing experts, SEO executives, content writers, and more to capitalise fully on Melbourne's search engine marketing advantages. Thus, outsourcing to an SEM vendor is more beneficial as you benefit from a well-established and experienced team of professionals. It is a more cost-effective approach as well.

You can evaluate based on an online presence. An AdWords agency in Melbourne should have a good online presence if it promises you the same. You can also consider online reviews and client testimonials to determine the credibility of the SEM vendor. Also, their experience in the field matters, as an experienced SEM vendor will be more credible and trustworthy than a new one.

From increased traffic to better visibility, many merits can be considered while measuring the success of a search marketing campaign and the efforts of an SEM agency in Melbourne. The success of a well-implemented search engine marketing campaign is apparent in many ways, like better conversion, increased traffic, better reach, and improved user experience.

Managed Process
Managed By Professionals

We manage all campaigns in house, as we are an agency we work closely with google to ensure you get the best results.

Managed Process
No Lock In Contracts

We don’t believe in lock in contracts, for us our work speaks for itself. We have amazing customer feedback and strive to keep bettering our campaigns to ensure customers bring ROI.

Managed Process
Continual Improvement

We work on continuing to improve and evolve. We research the market, your competitors and existing campaigns to ensure continual growth.

Managed Process
Keyword Research

With our certified tools, we put together a list of keywords and identify what your customers are looking for.

Our Google AdWords consultants can have your campaign live in a matter of days. Once enabled it will bring quality traffic to your website in as little as 24 hours. These campaigns are pay per click, meaning the spend is used per click. You will be assigned a dedicated Google AdWords account manager, from here you can adjust the budget for your campaign almost instantly, including continuous service improvement to maximise your campaign and return on investment.

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I needed a solution to centralise all my files whilst being cost efficient. NGITC provided me with the Office 365 solution which has revolutionised the way we work, enabling us to work mobile and be more productive.

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NGITC was prompt, professional and cost effective. We originally had no online store which was causing administrative delay’s and costing us money. After NGITC setup our online store, our customers could easily purchase items without contacting us prior meaning they got the items faster and we were more productive. Thanks guys!

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I never understood anything about website creation, all I knew is I needed my online store to sell products to help my business become successful. Next Gen took the web development by the horns, whilst working with me to ensure my requirements were met. They were great to deal with and really simplified it for me.

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