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Affordable SEO Services in Melbourne

Finding the right SEO service in Melbourne can be a challenge. With every Tom, Dick and Harry claiming to be the best SEO in the land, one may feel confused while selecting the real best.
That’s when you need to look out for social proof and brand trust — which we have. NGITC is one of the most qualified, high tech, up-to-date and trusted SEO agencies in Melbourne as we don’t believe in outsmarting the search engine, but in making it work for your business and it’s search rankings.

So, don’t be distracted. The best and most affordable SEO service of Melbourne is here. Just pick up the phone and dial (03) 91084821. And we’ll make sure that your business gets qualified organic traffic for as long as you want.

The Next Gen Agency Aim

Diligent, Up To Date
SEO Techniques

Search engine techniques are forever changing, alongside search engine updates. Getting your website means nothing if these results are short lived. That’s where we come in, we ensure our SEO strategies are diligent and up to date. In this industry, everything changes very fast, we stay up-skilled and up to date on all the latest trends on how to rank successfully for our client base. Next Gen Agency is the best choice SEO Melbourne Company.

Why NGITC is the Best Choice

Aiming For The Top Spot

You aim high for your business, and so do we. Meaning, we aim high to drive your website / business right up the search engine rankings to maximise your SEO spend. Its proven that having a website on the first page of a search engine can bring return on investment, and vastly increase business. Next Gen Agency works on bringing maximum return from your spend and that’s why we are best choice SEO Melbourne Company.

No contract SEO
No Spammy Techniques
Dedicated Local Team
Reporting & Tracking

That’s why NGITC is the best choice SEO Melbourne Company.

SEO Specialist Melbourne- Keep Google on your side

As the best SEO specialist in Melbourne, we ensure that our SEO techniques and skills are up to date so that our clients rank successfully. Since the digital marketing world is a continuously changing space, we make sure that neither us nor the client is left behind in any of the digital marketing trends or techniques.

We don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to effective SEO and so we also draft strategies for social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and more. We keep our SEO practises and techniques up to date with the Google search algorithm. We provide these services on blogs, websites, social media websites etc.

How do we improve
your SEO?

This is done a stringent process which includes off site and on site strategies, and branching out to social media platforms e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google + etc.

This is an ongoing process and requires a lot of care, planning and research to be executed successfully and positively. Whilst updating our techniques to keep up with the ever evolving Google search algorithm updates.

We offer these services on websites, blogs, social media platforms etc.

How SEO works?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a digital marketing process and technique to improve the ranking of a website on search engines like Google. We have succeeded in improving the ranking of our clients which has led to an increased awareness of their business, higher sales and return on investment.

SEO Consultant Melbourne

The world of online or digital marketing runs on SEO and if you can get that right, you’ve won more than half the battle of online marketing. As the best SEO consultant in Melbourne, we aim at the visitors who are already looking for services that you provide so that your sales, leads and income can increase. We will ensure that our SEO techniques are not just aimed at your business and industry but also at your competitors.

What Else We Do


We don’t just band-aid fix the issue, we diagnose and resolve the root cause. IT Support Melbourne, IT Support South East Melbourne.

Web Design

Our point of difference is to simplify the Web Design Melbourne and website build process.


Google Adwords Melbourne will enable an instant flow of traffic to your website.

Success stories

I needed a solution to centralise all my files whilst being cost efficient. NGITC provided me with the Office 365 solution which has revolutionised the way we work, enabling us to work mobile and be more productive.

James Sera’s Karting Centre

NGITC was prompt, professional and cost effective. We originally had no online store which was causing administrative delay’s and costing us money. After NGITC setup our online store, our customers could easily purchase items without contacting us prior meaning they got the items faster and we were more productive. Thanks guys!

Top Stage Composites

I never understood anything about website creation, all I knew is I needed my online store to sell products to help my business become successful. Next Gen took the web development by the horns, whilst working with me to ensure my requirements were met. They were great to deal with and really simplified it for me.

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