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At Next-Gen I. T. Consulting, we have been lucky to receive a lot of popularity and good reviews from our clients. The great testimonials from our valued customers are evidence that we provide top-notch SEO solutions.

The Australian market, like any other, is changing rapidly. It is very important to stay in touch with the happenings around, for SEO agencies in Sydney to provide solutions to the problems of their clients.

At the threshold of the new year, forward-thinking organizations are looking to cement their competitive advantage. The pandemic has played havoc with the flourishing industry, but coping mechanisms have survived the threat. A few trends making around and likely to continue being-

  • Edge acceleration- The reactions to the pandemic by the industries as a whole and the organizations, means the edge that helped you stay afloat is expected to accelerate further and be the basis for further growth and business model changes.
  • Remediate technical debt- The technical debt accumulated during the pandemic can be continued to be repaid in the form of Inertial drag on IT machinery, financial stress, and migrations to the cloud, etc. 
  • Digital resiliency- Digital resiliency is expected to come in handy in the form of adaptation to disruption and extending services rather than old school restoring existing business services.
  • Cloud-Centric IT- Of course the trend is that of shifting to cloud-centric infrastructure. About 80% are supposed to at least start with the process by the end of the year.
  • Automation Platforms- Real-time analytics which can be the basis of fast-moving trends and for coping with them are going to be in demand. This in turn means cloud systems extending resource control and analytics are going to be seeing an upturn.
  • Hybrid by design- All over the world in the digital scenario, adaptation to a hybrid workforce that can work in real-time separately as well as work together to reap the benefits of both is going to be in high demand. This adaptability initially might take to being forced but in the long run, this hybridity must come by design.
  • Opportunistic AI extension-If Artificial Intelligence had not made its mark already in your organization, then now opportunistic AI extension is something that you cannot run from, any further. This is because the owner of differentiated skills and IP is becoming somewhat of a necessity to have edge and differentiation.
  • Information Communication Technology Ecosystem- The ICT ecosystem demands timely adaptation across the industry. The customers, suppliers, and providers’ relationships with business are under scrutiny to be changed for the better so that digital strategies are better executed and also for autonomous IT operations.
  • Information Communication Technology Joins circular economy- The ICT is all set to join the circular economy by the way of the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and following the regulations laid out by them regarding the provider’s facilities, the mandate of using reusable material and lower energy use.
  • People matter- The companies will do better considering their manpower. The industry is in dire need of investment in building IT Security development operation teams and might suffer huge losses because of that.

We, at NGITC, are mindful of much more than the above-mentioned happenings and changes and remain at top of them while aiding our clients unerringly.

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Seo Specialist

Dedicated SEO Expert Driving Results For Sydney Businesses

We provide customized solutions to our clients in need of our assistance. We have been the driving force behind our successful clients, by providing them with workable solutions.

For a client of ours, who needed centralized files to be cost-efficient, we suggested the right solution, owing to which they were able to work more efficiently.
For another one who needed good old web development for an online store, they were provided with a simplified solution while meeting each and everyone of their requirements.

Yet another solution was provided to clients looking for return on investment on their website, in the form of improved google rankings, social media reach as well as enhanced website.

Thus, unique solutions for all our unique customers, customised as per their needs is our forte.

Seo Techniques

That’s why NGITC is the best choice SEO Sydney Company.

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Avail the Best SEO Services in Sydney from NGITC

NGITC believes in offering the best SEO services in Sydney. We do keyword mapping, research, strategy, link building, social network, traffic increase, web design, web optimization, software development, and even feedback providence. An amalgamation of all the above-mentioned services to provide the best-customized solution to your business needs is our mission.
We swear by following techniques for best performing white hat SEO-

Alignment of the content with the search intent– The alignment of the content with the specific search intent is very important. This helps in finding the focused traffic and more conversions.

Optimization of the images– Optimization of the images means aligning them with the content and their amalgamation can be used to better engage the user. Also, the image should be properly placed, wrapped, and presented in the right format to make maximum impact.

Writing captivating title tag and meta description– The user engagement starts right from the title tag and meta description. Also their proper targeting results in the rewarding ranking in the SERP, as when the SERP crawls through your website, it looks through to find the right keywords and supportive words used in the queries. Thus, the use of targeted keywords right from the metadata and title tag is bound to increase the traffic.

Optimization of the loading speed of the page– The loading speed of the webpage also demands attention from SEO specialists. The use of compressed and optimized images, using a good hosting provider, use of caching in your websites, reduction of the script file size by minifying, etc. can reduce the load time of the page considerably.

Usage of internal linking– Internal linking can make the navigation within your website a lot easier and engaging for your visitors. Thus, they look forward to visiting again and their buying intent strengthens.

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Refine the website user experience– The user experience of the visitors accessing your website can be refined little by little. Such as good quality content, engaging visual stimuli, amazing navigation, lower page load time, etc. all together make the website user experience a bit better which motivates them to visit your website again and strengthens their buying intent.

Keyword inclusion within the URL– When the SERP can crawl and find the keyword right in your URL, its job is easier and your website is listed and better ranked. Thus, the keyword should be tried to be included right within the URL for better website ranking on search engines.

Publishing of the long form of the content– Rather than just concentrating on the sales content in the form of websites and product information, the long form of content in the form of articles, blog posts, guest posts, etc. which can not only introduce your product or service but also provide the required information of excellent quality to users. This increases the authenticity of your product or service and at the same time for your brand. The recall value generated through these tactics is enormous.

Getting more and more authentic backlinks– The quality of backlinks to a website over a period of time matters a lot for its authenticity. If you have faulty or unrelated backlinks then it can wreak havoc on your brand image and SERP rankings. On the other hand quality backlinks curated over a long period of time spell out authenticity and trust. It pays to use the customer reviews or product tags on their social media where they mention the product or service. This is not only free marketing but also a great engagement technique that generates enormous recall value.

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Our Process

NGITC boasts of a time-tested process for doing SEO. The process includes-

Website Audit– The first step of the process is to audit your current website. All the available objects and resources must be thoroughly checked. This step helps in gauging the positive points of the website as well as the shortcomings of the website, which need to be worked on.

Competitor Analysis– The next step is as important as the first one and includes the analysis of the competitors’ websites and strategies that they use. It is also important to understand your USP first and then figure out if any of the competitor’s strategies can be used by you to strengthen your SEO strategy.

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Keyword Analysis– Keyword analysis is the next step that finds out and analyzes the available keywords. Next, the keywords both long-tailed and short-tailed are selected based on their alignment with the SEO strategy and in turn organizational goals.

On-Site Optimisation– Optimization of the website means the optimization of the layouts of critical pages, the navigation of the website as a whole, and improvement in the page load time as much as possible according to the present circumstances and resources available. Here, the inclusion of quality content is also recommended.

Link Building– The next step deals with link-building within the website and with the related websites. Continuous and scheduled content sharing and authentic links can drastically increase the website ranking in the SERP.

Reporting- Last but not least is the final step of reporting.

  1. All the strategies employed by you,
  2. the projects are undertaken by you,
  3. the problems faced in achieving the results,
  4. the actual results,
  5. in conjunction with the data, you have collected,
  6. with its analysis,
  7. as well as the insights if any formulated by you, must all be shared or reported to the client promptly.

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Experienced Team of Sydney SEO Consultant

Being in the industry for a while has brought us to our heights, thanks to our experienced team of Sydney SEO professionals.

Highly experienced- All our team members are highly experienced having worked with the best and for the best. Thus, their expertise is uncanny.

Total Expertise- Being the expert of one SEO level is not enough. All the levels intersect and diverge at some point. It is important for the SEO expert handling your brand to successfully manage not only his forte but also the other team members as well. Thus, our team prides itself on being allrounders of SEO and all three levels namely, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and technical optimization.

Marketing Savvy- The team is all for marketing and knows its stuff. Only writing compelling content is not enough, having a knack for marketing is also required.

Amazing track records- Having worked with and for the who’s who of the industry, our SEO team has an amazing track record of success which is a testament to our team quality.

Well-rounded knowledge- Ours is an industry that is based on other industries and cannot function in a vacuum. Only being hyper-focussed on the SEO, the content, the analytics, and not having well-rounded knowledge of the economy as a whole can rarely work in your favor. This is not a problem with our well-adjusted team with amazing perspectives.

Visionary- It is important to be farsighted in the business. The market upturns and reactions to the decisions taken must be expected by the SEO expert you are working with. Our experts can predict the future quite successfully concerning industry trends, all because they rely on proper trend analysis.

Communication skills- You will be kept in the loop regarding the progress taken by the project through your SEO professional. Requirements and confusions if any are solved beforehand and results communicated without error.

Good fit with your organization- The SEO experts in our team rely on knowledge of your brand to make a connection with you. They believe in aligning themselves with your organizational goals before taking up the project.

Curious- They are curious by nature and thus, provide reinvigorating insights for your brand and its course of action.

Executor- It is easy to talk about how good you are but the team believes in walking the talk. We seamlessly execute the decisions taken and bring unexpected results.

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How does SEO work?

SEO or Search Engine Marketing is the process adopted to rank the website and related pages with our content rank higher and higher in different search engines. Major search engines are Google, Bing, AOL, Yahoo, etc. Google is uncontestedly the largest player.

Search engines want to provide not only the best quality of content but also the content that is relevant to the search. For this, they crawl and scan the websites to understand the content mentioned there. Then based on this crawl engines determine the ease of navigation and relevance to context, and reward the websites with a higher ranking on their SERP( Search Engine Result Pages). Meaning, their site will crop up first when a relevant search is made.

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Reasons for Choosing NGITC as your SEO Sydney Consultant

There are innumerous reasons for you to choose NGITC as your SEO Sydney partner. A few of those are mentioned below-

Expertise– The first and foremost reason to choose us is our industry expertise and know-how. The everyday workings are not hidden from us and we assure you of our unmatched quality and effectiveness.

Increased visibility– The visibility of your business online is an increased manifold with the help of our services. Whichever website the prospective customers browse, your product will follow them to make space in their minds.

Engaging & effective content- Our team of web-content writing experts provides you with top-notch content which is engaging as well as effective and can be shared across different platforms for continuous visibility.

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More targeted organic traffic- Our services assure you of not only increased traffic but also more targeted traffic, whose chances of conversion are much higher than just footfall.

Make Trust-worthy websites- NGITC believes in making perfect websites that complete all requirements of Search engines. This results in trustworthy websites that rank higher and higher on SERP and are more trusted by customers.

No Contract SEO- We offer no-contract SEO services, which means more motivation to do even better and achieve more conversions sometimes in even less time.

No Spam Techniques- NGITC does not resort to spam techniques as we are totally in favor of white hat techniques rather than the black hat ones.

Dedicated Local Team- We boast of our dedicated local team for every client. The team is full of experts in different genres and can successfully navigate through the journey of your brand and take it to the next level.


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Reporting & Tracking- We believe in the power of analytics. Big data can present some mesmerizing insights, which if used correctly and time can result in a lot of success. This is possible owing to the constant tracking and timely reporting.

Newer market acquisition- We as the industry experts can not only help you increase your market share in the current market, but also help you acquire new avenues in the form of other industries that we are adept in.

Flexibility- NGITC is flexible to the fault of its customers, should the occasion arise. Any last-minute changes in the deliverables are accommodated and the alterations adapted to while keeping the deadline.

Value Addition- Our services result in substantial value addition to our clients and their offerings. This can be in the form of better rank or more revenue or even conversion rates.

Concentration on USP- It is our job to provide you with the best SEO services possible so that you can focus all your efforts towards “what you do” and do it even better.
Increased ROI- NGITC services invariably lead to increased return on your investment. This might be in the form of company image, increased revenues, or better click-through rates.

SEO Sydney FAQs


All SEO agencies start with a thorough SEO audit, which gives information about the current state of the website and steps to take to improve website rankings. This forms the basis of the total cost required in the SEO process. An SEO expert usually charges $70 to $200 per hour. If you want to get a detailed quote, feel free to reach out to our experts.

Join a community of related professionals and observe what the members are posting, sharing and commenting. Connect with them and learn about their experience in the digital marketing industry. Ask about their previous clients and the SEO strategy they follow. This will help you find the right person for the job.

Yes. A renowned SEO company has experience working with a range of clients, and they are well-versed with the techniques used in different industries. An SEO company has a dedicated team of SEO specialists, designers, managers, and content strategists who work together to create a successful SEO campaign that brings results.

Research is the most important part to decide who should perform the SEO of your website. Do thorough research and find the SEO company whose values align with your goals. A company should not only be excellent in services, but customer satisfaction and reporting are the other factors to consider. Connect with Nex Gen Agency for your next SEO project!

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We don’t just band-aid fix the issue, we diagnose and resolve the root cause. IT Support Melbourne, IT Support South East Melbourne.

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Our point of difference is to simplify the Web Design Melbourne and website build process.

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Google Adwords Melbourne will enable an instant flow of traffic to your website.

I needed a solution to centralise all my files whilst being cost efficient. NGITC provided me with the Office 365 solution which has revolutionised the way we work, enabling us to work mobile and be more productive.

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NGITC was prompt, professional and cost effective. We originally had no online store which was causing administrative delay’s and costing us money. After NGITC setup our online store, our customers could easily purchase items without contacting us prior meaning they got the items faster and we were more productive. Thanks guys!

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I never understood anything about website creation, all I knew is I needed my online store to sell products to help my business become successful. Next Gen took the web development by the horns, whilst working with me to ensure my requirements were met. They were great to deal with and really simplified it for me.

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