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The Essential Criteria To Optimise Your Video Marketing via SEO!

By: NGITC Support

What is the first thing that you do when you are bored? Well obviously, you open YouTube and watch either your favourite show or simply the trending video that is ruling the charts. And in case you want to know a life hack, even then you prefer watching it on video rather than reading essays with instructions. That is how important video content is nowadays! Some smart SEO scholar predicted long back that video content would reign the marketing and entertaining sector 80% by 2019 and today we can see that it has turned true. So, isn’t it wise that when you are following the SEO strategy so religiously, you should spend some time and efforts in video content marketing as well?

Essential tips for proper video marketing for SEO!

Video marketing is an important part of practicing SEO in Melbourne. It means optimising your video on the search engine pages in exchange for appropriate keyword searches. And believe us, this strategy is highly recommended for better online presence and business growth. Only, if you are following the below listed strategies for better video marketing:

Define your video goals —

The very first thing to keep in mind when optimising your video is defining your goals. Do you just want to share some essential tips about lifestyle for organic content? Or are you interested in promoting your best products through these videos or you want to revert your video traffic to your website? Accordingly, create amazing content and optimise it.

Mobile friendly is must —

If you believe the recent studies, you will understand that most of the videos are watched on mobile phones. So, when you are creating the content for your video and optimising it, remember to design it for mobile phones users too.

Share across social media —

To ensure that your video gets maximum reach and your business grows better, share it across your social media channels. Or better hire an agency handling SEO and search engine marketing in Melbourne like NextGen Digital. They handle everything about search engine optimisation and digital marketing perfectly and plan to make your brand grow better. With more clicks on the social media channels, your video almost gets viral and your message reaches thousands of people instantly.

Add that video to your website —

If you want your video content to be known by all and even your customers to benefit from it, then it is only wise to add these to your website as well. That way, whenever your customers click on your website link, they get easy tutorials about your products or services via the videos.

Transcribing the video is essential —

If you want your video and your website to grow organically, you’ll have to attract the Google crawlers towards them. But Google crawlers can’t understand what the video is about or the content in it.  So, how will you bring the crawlers towards your video? Well, the easiest way is to transcribe the videos by adding unique transcriptions in videos which automatically attract them, and you get the maximum reach.

Video marketing can be the game changer in your brand’s promotion and growth. So, be very careful when creating the content and optimise it without fail to achieve the best results.

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