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Top 5 Reasons Why Email Marketing is still the Leader!

By: NGITC Support

Digital media is most frequently used today! From the small business-persons to the leaders of the ladder, you’ll see everyone going crazy over creating several strategies to build their digital marketing and media better. So what exactly is digital media? Actually, media is an umbrella term used for various types of online marketing or mediums that include the social media channels, website, applications, and even emails. But when the power of social media channels has increased so much, people have the assumption that the email marketing is almost dead. This, obviously, isn’t the truth!

Reasons why email marketing is still the winner in the digital rat race!

If you ask an SEO expert in Melbourne like NextGen Digital, they’ll let you know that email marketing isn’t dead. It’s still one of the best ways to reach out to your customers and get the maximum reach for your website. Want to know how? Read on!

  1. Email lets you stay in contact with your customers regularly —

    Believe it or not, the other social media channels do not let you stay in contact with your customers as email does. How? Well, you actually send an email to your subscribers or customers almost daily on a personal note. Isn’t it counted as a regular connection between you as a brand and the customers?

  2. You get maximum engagement through your emails —

    The statistics are shocking! 54% of the emails you send to your customers are opened in real time and in the maximum cases, the customers respond to the mails. That’s how you attain more engagement towards your brand through this mail.

  3. You can measure email marketing easily —

    The other social media platforms which you often opt for marketing may or may not bring you the clear and visible statistics of your growth. But with email marketing you can be sure that you’ll get to see the growth rate of your brand through the emails that you send regularly to your customers.

  4. Give your website the maximum traffic —

    Whenever you are posting a new content or launching a new product on your website, if you send across the email to your customers, the subscribers or readers directly click on the link that you send. This ultimately brings a lot of exposure and traffic to your website which is the most welcoming feature of email marketing.

  5. Everyone uses email —

    Today, you won’t get any person who doesn’t use mail. Yes, there may be a variation in the number of people that use other digital media channels like social media, but email is one thing that’s most commonly used by all. And if we believe the statistics, almost 99% of the customers check their emails regularly. So, if you are hiring the right digital media agency in Melbourne to handle your email marketing, you can never go wrong here.

These reasons prove that email marketing hasn’t lost its charm even after decades. And as per the exposure your business seems to get through it, it may continue to stay this way for some more years now!

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