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Top 6 SEO Mistakes to Avoid in 2024

By: NGITC Support

When was the last time you updated your search engine optimisation strategy? If it has been over two years, now is the time to refresh your approach. Simply having a website that functions is not enough these days. You need to keep your site updated from time to time to meet all the requirements and to stay on the top of the search engine.

While many website owners update their sites timely, they also commit a few mistakes. Such mistakes may affect your site’s overall ranking, thus, impacting your business too. Here are the top SEO mistakes to avoid in 2024 while updating your site.

Keyword Stuffing

Earlier, it used to be a good idea to repeat keywords as much as possible. A search engine would redirect users to those websites. However, the Google algorithms have improved significantly and become more intelligent through semantic search and breakthroughs.

According to SEM agency Melbourne, including many keywords in your content is not a good idea. Stuffing keywords may harm your SEO. Google wants its users to get beneficial results satisfying their intent, and keyword stuffing doesn’t fulfil the same.

Overlooking Broken Links

If you have an article or blog post that comprises many links, you may end up with a broken link. It may occur for several reasons. Generally, it happens when the website you link has changed its URL, or the company it represents has gone out of business. Thus, reviewing the articles and updating the broken links with newer ones is vital.

Broken links suggest that your website has poor maintenance, and if you have too many, it may drop the search rankings.

Not Maintaining a Mobile-Friendly Website

One of the biggest mistakes many site owners make is not maintaining their site’s compatibility with mobile phones. Many users visit the website and use search engines on their smartphones. Even Google has started prioritising the mobile version of the websites.

Failure to optimise for mobile affects your search engine rankings and hurts your chances of gaining many visitors.

Having a Slow Website

One of the biggest turn-offs for many users is a slow website. It is also harmful to your SEO. Most users want their answers to be generated as quickly as possible. If they click on your site and it fails to upload within a few seconds, they do not stay for long and skip exploring another site.

Even Google understands this and considers speed one of the biggest ranking factors for any website. Thus, if you have a slow website, request your SEO Adelaide service to work on it to improve your rankings.

Using Duplicate Website Content

Using plagiarised and duplicate website content affects your SEO at large. Duplicate content is easy to detect not only for the plagiarised software but also for search engines.

Always create original and creative content for your website to stay on the top of your charts.

Not Having A Data-Driven Strategy

With search engines evolving every day, you need to play smart with your SEO strategies. You cannot come up with a set of topics and start writing on it to rank at the top of search engines. To make sure your SEO performance doesn’t dip in 2024 but improves, you need to rely on data rather than your gut feelings.

Try to perform SEO audits, competitor analysis, customer surveys, etc., to ensure you’re not leaving any stone unturned. These types of analysis will provide you with helpful insights you can use to uplift your SEO performance. Do not try to imitate your competitors’ SEO strategies just like that. If something worked for them doesn’t mean it will work for you. Plan your SEO strategies based on data to ensure sure-shot SEO success.


SEO has become crucial in this day and age. But many websites continue making mistakes and integrate them into strategy. We hope the above-listed points help you realise your mistakes and fix them as soon as you update your site.

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