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A Guide on How to Leverage Social SEO for Your Business

By: NGITC Support

In the era of social media, leveraging search engine optimisation (SEO) helps people find your content and, therefore, your business. With the aid of social SEO, you can make your business seen when people are actively searching for content rather than scrolling their feeds. Let’s dive deeper into understanding how you can use it to your advantage:

Optimise Your Social Media Profiles

Optimising your business profile is the foremost step to leveraging social media for your business. It includes adding relevant keywords in your profile bio, name, and handle. This simple change significantly affects your overall profile and increases its search relevancy.

Include Relevant Keywords and Hashtags

If you want to get the best business opportunities in Australia, following a proper keyword strategy is integral. Proper keyword research is a must in this case. Incorporate primary keywords in your caption or post title and secondary keywords in the description body. Refrain from keyword stuffing and add relevant hashtags in the caption rather than the comment section.

Create Tailored Content

Publish content that adds value and showcases your expertise. Customise your content according to your brand and target audience and consistently share it across all your social media channels. “How-to” content is an ideal way to get organic search traffic to your website from your social media. Go for an affordable SEO for small business to increase your audience base.

Add Alt-Text

Alt-text is critical if you want to make your visual content more accessible. It is one major aspect of social SEO and provides the added benefit of helping Instagram users understand the purpose behind the content and serve in response to relevant search queries.

Use Subtitles in Videos

Another video SEO strategy is to use subtitles. Use your keywords in the video script to target your audience, which also appears on the video screen. Moreover, subtitles increase its accessibility, helping your content reach a far wider audience source.

Incorporate Links into Your Content

Adding links to your YouTube, LinkedIn, and SlideShare content can increase the traffic to your website. It generates more inbound links and impacts your sales as well as business growth. In terms of written content or infographics, make sure to use relevant backlinks to increase the credibility of your post.

Add or Tag Your Location

Adding location to your content on social media helps your business to appear on Google Maps. For instance, you can tag your location on each Instagram and Facebook post. It functions as a local business search and makes the audience aware of where your business is located. This feature helps you improve your chances of appearing in the local search.

Add Social Sharing Buttons

Add social sharing buttons to your website or mention your other channels in your bio. This not only encourages social sharing but also is an essential measure to increase traffic to your website.


SEO plays a vital role in increasing audience reach and business growth. By implementing the necessary SEO measures in your social media, you can redirect a significant number of people to your website. Make sure to follow the essential steps mentioned in this blog to successfully leverage social SEO.

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